Wanted: Baby Chauffeur

The Chauffeur

The Chauffeur (Photo credit: Paparagazzo)

The soft roar of the engine.

The car seat snuggly creating a cocoon.

The inconsistent movement as we bounce across miles of pavement.

This, my friends, is the Holy Trinity of baby sleep.

We have all heard the horror stories:

“He just would not go to sleep!”
“It was 4am and she had been screaming for hours!”
“She was teething and it screwed up her sleep cycle!”

The answer: Driving in circles around the block.

Not actually going anywhere, just driving. My sister-in-law (mother of a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old) called me the other afternoon, “Are you home?” she asked. After I had confirmed, she proceeded to drive over. Why? It was her only way to win what she is affectionately referring to as The Nap Wars.

The problem with all this driving (other than the high impact on global warming) is that the mother of the inconsolable child is the one behind the wheel. This means:
a) the driver is most likely exhausted/frustrated/delirious
b) the driver is spending more time looking in baby mirrors to see if she has claimed victory than actually looking at the road
c) the driver is not accomplishing anything else (like a nap for herself, perhaps!).

Thus, I would like to propose a new career path.

A baby chauffeur.

A kind soul with excellent earplugs to loop around the neighborhood for hours on end. For an hourly rate, just snap your child(ren) into their seat(s), kiss them goodbye, and then go take a hot bubble bath.

I absolutely realize it is the fuzzy haze of sleep deprivation that makes this seem like an answer to pleading prayers.

But, imagine how many little car seats could fit into a limo…Stretch limo

As extreme as this may sound, this would get many mothers I know one step closer to regaining balance in their lives. Because, frankly, motherhood is code for crazy. Why? I believe it comes down to the fact that once you become a mother, pride and vanity get thrown out the window, replaced by a new protective, primal, instinctual being that guards her young with the ferocity of something out of Animal Planet. Once shy women now bark at strangers who almost knock over the stroller, once loud and boisterous women hush and coo with the calm caress of a gentle breeze.

But, as much as we snuggle, sway or swaddle, sometimes, getting that little one to give into gentle dreams means taking a drive.

So, fellow moms, I am calling out, for the sake of sanity, let us join together, admit that we haven’t relaxed since we were pregnant, rent a limo and a fellow named Jeeves, fasten our children in for a soothing drive and claim an afternoon for ourselves, in golden silence.

Who’s with me???

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  1. 🙂 excellent writing, perfect touch of humour to offset painful realities of mothering

    • I am sure you are all too familiar with the painful realities! =)
      On a side note, I, too, am looking for a new name for my blog. I am giving in and will be purchasing a domain, but domestic endeavors is already taken. Any ideas?

  2. keep endeavors

  3. What a wonderful idea! And just think of all the emissions we’d save by putting multiple children in the same vehicle. My children are all mercifully past babyhood (my youngest being 5), but if you can bring this out to NC, I’ll support you all the way. 😉

  4. What do people do who have no car???? I don’t know anyone who did not have to “go for a drive”

    • I Don’t Know!!! I can just hear the conversations from the past…
      “Bring around the horse and cart, Earl. Little Pearl needs to do a few laps around the corn fields.”

  5. I no longer need the services, but if I lived close-by, I’d volunteer to chauffeur! I remember those days – – putting car seat on top of dryer worked for the first one, but the second one, it didn’t – nor did car rides – – he preferred riding in the Snuggly, strapped in front position and me walking up and down the hallway – – Couldn’t sit and rock, or lay down with him on my chest – – nope, mama had to walk – and walk – – and walk – – –

    I remind him of this when I ask, “while you’re up, will you go fetch such and such?” that requires him walking 4 additional steps past what he wanted – – 🙂

    • Oh, carseat on the dryer…I will have to try that one!
      And, yes, ours really likes to walk around as well…or bounce on the yoga ball…for hours…

  6. Hahaha, this could really work…brilliant!

  7. Aww…I want a Jeeves for myself! And I’m a grandma. 😉 This was such a great read and I’m not too old to remember when my children slept the best in the car.


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